set your path to become an innovative information technology professional

the goal of the master of science in software engineering program is to provide a foundation in software engineering concepts and techniques, management, and integration using proven sound practices and effective teamwork approaches needed to oversee software projects of high technical complexity and agility. the program helps prepare students with competency-based experiences to develop platform- and device- independent, scalable, cost-effective, and efficient software solutions for government and industry clients.


the key areas of focus:

• planning
• architecture
• designing
• coding
• implementation
• testing
• deployment
• configuration
• analysis
• development
• scripting
• writing test cases
• system modeling
• universal modeling language
• angile methodology
• sql design
• object oriented programing
• mobile technology
• project maintenance

core requirements

complete the following core requirements for the master of science in software engineering



complete the following core requirements. select 5 courses from:


cooperative education

in this optional program area, students benefit from the opportunity to apply the skills learned in the classroom in a real world environment. students may incorporate cooperative education courses throughout the program instead of waiting until program completion. these optional courses are in addition to the program outline above.